Home Seller Checklist: Curb Appeal

How your house looks from the street is where prospective buyers will form that all-important first impression. Stand at the curb in front of your house and analyze what needs to be done to clean up the yard and make it look more inviting.

Remove any clutter in your yard.

Repair cracked or uneven driveway or walkway surfaces.

Mow your lawn regularly and re-seed, if needed. Weed & mulch flower beds and consider buying some flower-filled planters to enhance the eye appeal of your property.

Clean your windows and walls.

Does your front door need paint? Remember, it’s the first thing people see and welcomes them into your home.

Ensure your eaves and downspouts are clear of debris and in good repair.

Power wash your backyard deck and walkways and do any necessary painting, staining or sealing.

If you have a swimming pool, are the deck and pool clean (when in season)?

Do all outside lights work? Replace any burned out bulbs and clean fixtures of dirt and cobwebs.

Is there a shed? Make sure it looks presentable.

Do you have decorative wooden poles on the porch? If the wood at the bottom is not in good condition, add a new coat of paint.

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