Join Me on Periscope – Watch My Live Home Tours


Hey Guys — Have you checked out Periscope yet? It’s a new FREE App owned by Twitter that lets you file or watch live streams of video with people all over the world. Once you shoot a video it stays up for 24 hours. So in that way it is a little like Snapchat, but much easier to use. I’m really excited about Periscope — I think it is a great way to share places, homes, gardens, cities, etc with other people. It’s like having your own TV station in your your phone. I put up a live stream of a new listing yesterday and had 238 live views watching it as I walked around the house! My very first live stream. Crazy, right? I’m going to start using it to share home tours and broker’s opens. And to walk you through gardens I’m designing. Another neat thing is that people can comment and ask you questions – so it can be interactive if you want it to be.

Download the App here and follow me @pattyhume.

By the way, I’m easy to find on social media — I’m @pattyhume on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Periscope, etc.

See you on live on Periscope!