Joshua Tree House Hunting – Part 1

Joshua Tree can be a great place for people in NELA to have weekend homes. It’s a 2 hour drive from DTLA during the middle of the day or at night, when you can avoid traffic. A variety of mid century home can be found between $50k and $150K. And newer modern architectural homes between $200-350k+.

There is a cool, creative scene growing in the area. If you haven’t already seen it… read the recent Vogue article by Lilly Stockman.

Joshua Tree Village is right at the entrance to Joshua Tree National Park. The landscape is stunning and other worldly. You kind of feel like you might be on Mars. It’s a place you can commune with the stars, hike, paint, write, and detox from social media. It’s the kind of place where you just might have time to listen to records, read books or write.

Jonathan and I love going out there and have decided we want to buy a weekend house in Joshua Tree. We have started spending more time out this year, Airbnb-ing places and house hunting.


A popular rental we came across driving down a dirt road.

P1060467A geodesic dome hidden in the boulders


We turned around a corner on a dirt road and found this supervillian house hidden in the boulders.

In Jtree high and low are mixed together. This house was made of three old train cars stacked next to each other.

A cute mid-century flip in Joshua Tree Village.


Joshua Trees up closeP1060526

Another geodesic dome – Buckminster Fuller would approve.

P1060545This place looks pretty defendable.

P1060578 P1060584 P1060588Lots of mid-century homes that need some TLC.P1060648P1060590 P1060606 P1060609 P1060613

It’s keeps getting more civilized out in Joshua Tree. You can do yoga, get coffee and order dish pizza on this block of the highway.P1060621 P1060626

Crossroads Cafe is one of our favorites. Vegan friendly cafe. Try the spicy seitan tacos.

This was one of the properties we looked at just outside of Joshua Tree Village. I love the western stage set feel.
P1060653Checking out the backyard boulder situation.

A big part of my fantasy about having a house in Joshua Tree is having an art studio where I can work on collages and drawings in peace and quiet. Here I am checking out the garage/studio of a property. I liked this place but it was overpriced and needed a lot of work. We are going to go back in a October and look at more places. I’ll keep you posted.