Elysian Valley (AKA Frogtown), Los Angeles Neighborhood 90039

The official name of the neighborhood, Elysian Valley, is rarely used.  Elysian Valley (AKA Frogtown) Frogtown is a really long, skinny neighborhood neighborhood hidden between Elysian Heights (Echo Park) and the Los Angeles River. It is 2-4 blocks wide and 2.5 miles long. There is a 1 block band of industrial buildings along the river, and the rest […]

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FAQ on Title Insurance

Q) WHAT IS TITLE INSURANCE? A) Title insurance is a policy of indemnity protecting homeowners and Lenders from financial loss in the event that certain problems develop regarding the rights of property ownership. There are often hidden title defects that even the most diligent title search will not reveal. In addition to the protection from […]

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Sellers: Understanding Appraisals

If the Buyer is securing a new loan to purchase your home, the Buyer’s Lender will require an appraisal to determine the fair market value of the property. A licensed or certified appraiser will research nearby “comparables,” houses in your immediate area that have sold in the last six months and are similar in size, age, […]

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Understanding Home Warranty

The Home Warranty’s Role in Your Sale As a Seller, a home warranty is basically an insurance policy covering the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems of a house against unforeseeable events after you close escrow. A policy can ward off potential disputes after the sale for repair and/or replacement of covered items. Whether the Seller pays […]

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Common Defects Found During a Home Inspection

BUILDING VIOLATIONS Building violations are often identified where additions and alterations were constructed without a permit. ROOFING DEFECTS Problems with roofing material resulting from age, wear or improper installation warranting maintenance, repair, or in some cases, replacement. CEILING STAINS Some stains are merely the residual effects of leaks that have been repaired but others can […]

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