“Patty is such a passionate real estate agent who we can truly trust! We purchased our first property through her and she helped us find the most desirable house on the market.  Huge plus of having her as an agent is that she understands what we want as we needed an agent who is keen to environmental/architectural design. With her knowledge and expertise, we nailed down a bidding war and signed off all the documents with confidence. If you are looking for someone who is your consultant, advisor, and reliable negotiator, that’s Patty! “ – A. Oshima 

Patty is amazing! I recommend her to anyone I meet who is looking to buy. We were first timer buyers who thought the odds were stacked against us in LA’s competitive market. Amazingly we got the first house we put an offer on, and it’s our dream home. She knows her stuff as well as adding her own philosophy and insight into what it means to find a home and what will really make you happy. Not to mention Patty is so competent, when all was said and done we were like; ‘huh, that was easy!’ – H. Keefe

Patty is all too familiar with the challenges and pitfalls of the Southern California real estate market. She is realistic, straightforward, and offers clients her uniquely creative insights based on years of experience, not just in real estate, but as a homeowner, landlord, landscape designer, and artist. With her help and wealth of knowledge throughout the entire process, we found our ideal place. – Stephanie Ellison & David Hsia 

Patty was very attentive to our needs as first time home buyers. Patty shoots straight from the hip, she was very logical and made sure we were protected from what can be a very intimidating process. Highly recommend! – Tim Roddy 

“We were out of town buyers and a friend referred Patty to us in 2017. Working with Patty was truly seamless from the beginning to end. She helped us find homes in different neighborhoods that would fit the needs of our family and even negotiated the listing price to $30,000 lower! We will work with Patty again and will refer friends and family! Thank you again Patty. – Tram 

Not only is Patty super knowledgeable about everything from market trends to city building codes, from what concerns a lender will likely have to all the little detailed things to look for in a property… Not only is she great with all that, she’s also totally patient & more than willing to continue searching alongside you, the buyer, until you’re all completely certain that you’ve found the home that’s just right for you. I can’t possibly overstate how highly I recommend her. -Rocco Harris, very satisfied client 

Patty has assisted me and my wife in the process of buying a house in 2016 and we were very happy about that. Patty is knowledgable, thorough and very responsive. I would recommend her to anyone, especially to first time home buyers.Patty has been on our side from the early searches to the actual sale, it has made us feel more confident about something we had no previous experience with. – BL 

Patty is very knowledgeable and professional, working with her on the search and later acquisition of our home was a swift and hassle free experience. She helped us zero in on the perfect kind of investment property for us (an owner occupied Duplex) and then held our hand through all the steps to make it a success. She recommended inspectors and handled all the offer and other documents back and forth. She gave us her candid opinions that helped us weed out options that were not a great fit, and it never felt pushy working with her. Thanks to her we have now been living in a beautiful house for almost two years and are considering getting a second investment property to solidify our financial future for retirement. If you have the chance you should seriously consider working with her. – M.I. 

“Patty was great to work with. She understood and worked with our family’s unusual needs and helped us better understand our options while we searched for a fixer. She is impressively organized and energetic and I really appreciated her calm, guiding presence throughout the process. – Claire and Gabe 

It was an absolute pleasure working with Patty on our home purchase. We’ve worked with several realtors over the past few years and no-one compared to Patty. We bought a house in the high desert with her and she was extremely knowledgeable about what was happening in all the areas that we were looking at. She brought genuine hands on experience to our sale, and advised us really well throughout the entire process. Patty always steered us in the right direction and was very honest and forthcoming about the houses we looked at with her, when we finally found the right house,  she went above and beyond to get us into our home. We’d happily work with her and buy more houses in the future. Patty always steered us in the right direction and was very honest and forthcoming about the houses we looked at with her, when we finally found the right house,  she went above and beyond to get us into our home. We’d happily work with her and buy more houses in the future. – Mark Foster 

Working with Patty was fantastic.  She guided us through every stage of the process and made it easy.  We made only one offer — and we got the house we wanted, in the neighborhood we wanted.  We couldn’t be happier in our new home.  – Jesse M.

“My partner and I worked with Patty to buy our home which we closed within two months from start to finish. Patty made things very easy by keeping in constant communication, and by ensuring that we understood the process of home buying at each stage of our escrow. Patty is extremely knowledgeable about the market and yet remains intuitive. These combined characteristics of hers helped us immensely because she was able to anticipate, and ease any anxieties we experienced during the home buying process. When we’re ready to upgrade our living arrangements, we’ll be calling Patty to help facilitate the next home purchase!” – J.C.

I used Patty’s help on another house (that I was selling) and she came up with suggestions not only for the garden but also for staging the outdoor areas to suggest that the two backyard levels were really two outdoor rooms. Patty is clearly talented. She has done huge commercial projects. She is easy to work with. I will be lucky to get her time again for my future projects. I would recommend Patty for any project, especially for owners who has an initial idea what they want to do. Patty will turn a “B” project idea into an “A+” result. – T. Daniels 

She is always personable, professional, well versed and organized and when coupled with the creativity that defines Patty, there was sure to be an ingenious solution to any challenge. – E. Webster

I can’t recommend Patty highly enough. My front yard went from a rundown hillside in shambles to absolutely stunning with her ideas and execution. Her suggestions on adding retaining walls, the layout of raised beds, and plant choices have made me incredibly happy to pull up to my house every day. – K. Metcalf 

Patty Hume designed and executed the redo of the atrium space in our 1965 mid-century modern home. She designed and installed two of the most gorgeous green walls I’ve ever seen. Not to mention, Patty and her entire crew were always on-time, courteous, respectful, lovely and a joy to have around. – J. Boyd

(Patty’s) reputation as a skilled and talented designer was always complimented by her innate elegance and exceptional articulation of concepts, ideas, cultural nuances, and ability to connect with people. When conversing with Patty you will quickly feel warmed by her genuine interest in who you are and the project you’re creating. Because she is a master at the art of blending art, humanity, nature, and technology – you will congratulate yourself for your brilliant decision to engage her services! – B. Hagan

Patty is not only an amazing designer and fountain of knowledge but has the unique talent of binding people together. – B. Thompson

She is always listening to the things that others have to say and seems to be taking everything into consideration. She is accurate, very professional, and at the same time, she is easy to work with. – J. Moon