Pssss — Thinking about buying a house in Los Angeles?

1st time home buyer event!

Hey Guys!

Is 2017 the year you finally pull the trigger and buy a little piece of LA?  Not sure if you should keep renting or buy a house? We have had historically low interest rates for a while now, but the are starting to creep up. Now would be a great time to start moving in the direction of home ownership.

Join me for my next 1st Time Home Buyer Q + A on March 5th, at 6pm. Bring your partner, friends and join us for drinks, middle eastern food and a ton of great info!


  • We will look at the LOCAL MARKET CONDITIONS and why things are so damn expensive.
  • We will talk about INTEREST RATES and why the historically low rates are starting to go up.
  • Natalie Salins from Movement Mortgage will be here to answer all your FINANCIAL QUESTIONS: Types of loans, interest rates, pre-qualification, taxes, etc.  She will also give some great tips on raising your credit scores and discuss ways to get people with non-traditional (freelance) income approved. She is a-mazing!
  • I’ll going to talk about the home buying PROCESS and answer your questions about what to expect. 
  • I’ll explain some common real estate TERMINOLOGY that can be confusing.
  • I’ll show you how to decide if RENTING or BUYING make more sense for you.
  • We will talk about FIXERS and deciding how much you can take on in a REMODEL.
  • I’ll share some tips on how to write a really great BUYER’s LETTER.
  • I’ll show you how to weigh if it is better for you to RENT or BUY.
  • We will talk about the EMOTIONAL part of buying a house.
  • We can talk about up and coming NEIGHBORHOODS, particularly on the east side.
  • Plus, any other QUESTIONS!

Come hungry, we are getting middle eastern food from Carousel — it will be delish.

Please RSVP via email to Space is limited to 12 people since it is at my house. + Feel free to invite friends, but just make sure they RSVP! This will fill up quickly.